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Written by Robin Schniedermann


Optimal integration with WordPress, TYPO3 and other third-party systems 

Digital images, videos and documents are everywhere: on your computers, shared file servers, website, CMS, just to name a few… Learn how 4ALLPORTAL gives you full control over all your files and simplifies your work with WordPress, TYPO3 and other third-party systems: 
Easily exchange media and associated metadata between 4ALLPORTAL and your CMS. 

Simplified handling of your websites and webshops! 

Are the images, videos and documents used on your website up to date and high enough-quality? Are they all used in accordance with their usage rights? Are you sure? No wonder: Manual uploading of media to the CMS is not only time-consuming, but also error prone due to caching files on computers. Due to the different storage locations of files used, you can never really track which file is currently being used where, whether it is up-to-date or even usable at all. 

We have the solution for you! May we introduce our CMS Connectors!? Save yourself from the manual effort from now on, because the 4ALLPORTAL offers you a direct connection to our DAM system with a connector. The best thing about it: Easy data exchange between 4ALLPORTAL and your CMS, like WordPress and TYPO3, in seconds and with full control over shared files! 

With just a few clicks you can update your website and upload and update information, metadata and assets directly from 4ALLPORTAL to TYPO3 and WordPress media library. This way you reduce handling errors and achieve more quality when up-to-date assets and metadata are centrally managed in 4ALLPORTAL and distributed from there. 

Keeping your website up-to-date, compliant and fast has never been so easy! More information about the WordPress Connector and TYPO3 Connector can be found here.  

Optimal integration possibilities to third party systems 

TYPO3 and WordPress are just the beginning 

Easily connect the 4ALLPORTAL to third party systems and control the distribution of your assets and product data to your website, store, ERP systems, web-2-print, social media or others from there! The 4ALLPORTAL always keeps the data up to date for you. 

We offer a variety of integrations, so there’s bound to be something for you

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