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Do you use Microsoft Teams – the successor to Skype for Business – to digitize and optimize teamwork in your organization? Would you also like to seamlessly integrate workflows from the management of your digital assets into this popular communication platform? Then the Teams connector for 4ALLPORTAL DAM is the ideal solution for you. 

How does the Microsoft Teams connector for digital asset management work? 

Teams integration for 4ALLPORTAL DAM is based on “webhooks.” This is a future-oriented approach that facilitates communication between two servers on the basis of events. In the case of digital asset management software, such events can include the creation of new products, status changes, or asset releases. 

If such actions take place in the DAM system, you can inform your users in real time thanks to the Microsoft Teams connection. The benefits of this integration are obvious: The immediate notification of workflow or project participants accelerates processes significantly. Moreover, your employees are always up to date. 

With the help of webhooks, 4ALLPORTAL DAM also enables you to communicate with many other messenger solutions. Slack, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are just a few examples. With webhooks, we can also easily keep up with future changes in technology. 


  • Optimize collaborative processes 
  • Create transparency for all DAM participants
  • Direct connection with webhooks: no “middleware” such as Zapier required 
  • Minimize time delays in processes caused by communication gaps 
  • Inform employees immediately about important actions in the DAM system