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5 highlights of the latest version 

With the latest version comes all sorts of improvements for 4ALLPORTAL users.  
Here we present 5 highlights of the latest update in more detail. 

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How the new review tool speeds up your image workflows 

Automatically make image differences visible 

The implementation of advertising campaigns often requires close collaboration between creative minds and editors. Until an advertising banner or the main image is ready to publish, emails pile up and countless meetings pass by: 

What is the current status? What exactly has been edited or retouched? Exhausting, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be! 

Shorten the go-to-market process of your advertising campaign by reducing the review process of images to a few seconds. Let 4ALLPORTAL automatically show you all the differences between two images or version levels and find out in seconds what exactly has changed and what still needs to be done! Even the smallest pixel-based changes become visible. 

So: to the reviews, ready, go! 

No more detours in content publishing 

Edit images without additional program 

Once again, you’ve written a great article for a social media post. Now you just need the right image. But wait, the resolution is not quite right and the whole thing should be mirrored… 

So I asked the creative department and described all wishes as small as possible. What? The creative department is already closed and is booked up for the next few days anyway? And you don’t have the necessary tools for editing? But you “only” want to publish your content as quickly as possible.. 

Our solution: Rotate, flip, crop, adjust resolution – from now on you can do it yourself, without any additional software! Edit your images directly in 4ALLPORTAL, very easy and fast, without depending on others! This way you don’t have to bother the creative department with these small jobs. 

“Do it yourself!” is the motto from now on. So get to the pictures! 

Download Experience 2.0 

Quickly download any number of files in the appropriate format – from anywhere! 

Marketing always means working with digital media, be it images, advertisements, product materials, banners, ads, videos or or or. When an asset is needed, you want to be able to quickly search for it, find it and process it in the right format! 

We at 4ALLPORTAL have taken this to heart to give you the opportunity to download all files in suitable quality from anywhere. 

You want to download a package of images? 
– Quick download in the desired format! 

You look through several stock images in detail and choose the right image for your ad? 
– Quick download in the desired format! 

You need product images and find them on the product? 
– Quick download in the desired format! 

Just select one or as many files as you like and the 4ALLPORTAL will automatically show you all available download formats – no matter where you are looking! It couldn’t be faster and easier! 


The ROI of your new DAM

A DAM holds many opportunities to save costs. Read our white paper on ROI with DAM to find out how high your individual savings potential is per year. Start saving money with a DAM from your very first marketing employee.

Search quickly and intuitively 

Navigate better with the new “back” and “refresh” buttons 

Actually, you are always looking for THE right image – be it for a campaign, a post or a presentation. 

So in the filter set everything necessary: PNG, blue background, people should be visible and released for editorial purposes… Cool, 139 results! The first image could be something right away. Clicked… Well, it doesn’t fit so well… The search continues… And now? Set all search criteria again and start from the beginning? 

Super annoying.. But not with us! 

Quickly go back to the previous view, including set filters and search results and continue. The “Back” button gives you the possibility to navigate much faster, easier and more intuitive through the 4ALLPORTAL. Browse your search results and return to the previous view as often as you like. On top you can easily update a file and see the latest changes directly without reloading the whole browser! 

Smart or what do you think? 

Getting better organized by keeping yourself in sorts!  

Quickly put files in the right order 

To work together on files for projects, daily routines, intra office communications or any other scenario and to organize tasks within a team, it is a good idea to create file collections. There you can collect all the content you need, to get the job done, whether that job is to create presentations, websites or any number of other projects you can likely imagine. 

What would you say if you now had even more freedom to work with the files exactly as you need them? 

Then we have just the thing for you! You can easily set how your content should be sorted… automatically by creation date, modification date or name, or, now, also by your own requirements! Drag and drop your files into the desired order and create an optimal basis for your projects in no time. 

Sounds good right? 

Tim Fischer

Customer Success Manager

Innovation is the result of continuous optimization. My goal is your further development by fully exploiting the potential of 4ALLPORTAL. 

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