Secure Data Integration

Comfortable Communication with Third- Party- Systems

The manual input of data via copy-and-paste across different systems is a thing of the past. The high-performance RESTful interface in combination with our standard connectors enables a playful data exchange between your systems.

One interface for over 1000+ solutions

Manual data maintenance via copy-and-paste quickly reaches its limits. 

Not only is the enormous administrative burden a frequent bottleneck, but also the immense error-prone associated with it. 

So that you can synchronize, enrich and update not just one, but hundreds of data sets simultaneously, the 4ALLPORTAL offers a flexible interface. It is compatible with almost any third-party system and allows integration at the push of a button.

DAM and PIM in one software solution

Plug-and-Play Synchronization Solutions

Although it is possible to link any software, no matter how unknown, with the 4ALLPORTAL, this is usually not necessary. Experience shows that even global players only need a handful of other systems for everyday tasks. 

For most of these applications, we already have standardized solutions in our repertoire that allow you to connect “plug-and-play”. Of course, the exact mode of operation can still be adapted to your individual wishes.

Native synchronization between DAM & PIM

While many companies use separate solutions in the field of DAM and PIM, the 4ALLPORTAL combines both in a high-performance hybrid solution. Of course, without compromising on performance or functionality. 

Both applications access the same data pool in the background, enabling cross-module integration and system-wide object referencing. Of course, only within the scope of globally granted access rights.

DAM and PIM in one interface

Expand your 4ALLPORTAL flexibly with new functions

No matter how extensive the range of functions of your solution should be: You have the freedom to choose. In our Marketplace, you can install new apps and system components at the touch of a button to expand your 4ALLPORTAL. 

Optionally, you can explore our standard integrations right now.

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Securely integrate all files and user data



The integration of LDAP allows you to easily log in with your local user data — optionally even via single sign-on.

CMS integration

Whether WordPress, Typo3, Drupal or Joomla: Export complete datasets directly to your CMS library at the touch of a button.

SAP integration

With the help of SAP/ERP integration, you can easily enrich products in PIM with master and movement data to create your “golden record”.

Shop integration

Creating products by hand was yesterday: Our shop connector helps you, fully automated, complete product pages incl. Create images, text and metadata.

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